How I'm Using AI To Go From Zero to $20k Monthly Recurring in 100 Days Or Less in Literally Any Niche
WARNING: This Offer Will Never Be Offered Again After This Timer Hits Zero.
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Hey Badass,

I'll cut to the chase:

I'm tired of hearing about this "AI craze"

It seems like every goober on the internet just learned to spell "AI" and now they can't shut up about it

But if you start asking them specifically how they're using AI to create tangible profit, they clam up

Why? Because they have less than zero idea on how to actually use it

They don't know...and never will know...

The REAL Secret to Using AI For Tangible Profits:

Want to know what it is? Here it is:

You take the power of AI and marry it with tried and true marketing methods that have worked with decades

In a very, VERY specific way that I've perfected (and not spoken about at all until now)

My team and I have been using AI tools for over 3 years

Which, in "internet time" equates to like 20 years

(I even put out a badass course about a year ago on how I was using a few AI tools called AI Badassery...but this is different...and lightyears better)

And we've constantly refined our process with new tools and strategies

So I want to cut through the crap that's been going around

And put my money where my mouth is and show 50 (JUST 50) Traffic Badassery members EXACTLY how we're using AI

To go from Zero to $20k monthly recurring in 100 days or less in literally any niche

Literally. Any. Niche.

Any niche you can think of, it's possible.

So what's it look like to go from Zero to $20k monthly recurring Using AI in 100 days or less in literally any niche?

Here's the (very generalized) breakdown of the revenue we see:

Day 0 - start at list, no traffic, no products, no affiliates, no nothing

Day 25 - between 1k-3k monthly recurring ($12k-$36k/yr)

Day 50 - between 4k-6k monthly recurring ($48k-$72k/yr)

Day 75 - between 10k-12k monthly recurring ($120k-144k/yr)

Day 100 - between 18k-23k monthly recurring ($216k-$276/yr)

These are the numbers I've seen over the last 12-14 months whenever we go into a brand new market using this formula. 

And of course, it's not static. It changes due to market variables, but this is a general guideline of what we see.

Now, Here's Where it Gets Good For YOU

See, I was going to give a webinar presentation to all Traffic Badassery subscribers

I made the webinar and started letting Traffic Badassery subscribers know what I was up to...

With just 3 emails over 700 people registered for the webinar so obviously a lot of people want to learn this

And then I cancelled the webinar. Here's why:

I don't want to do a webinar. I really don't. 

And YOU don't want to sit through a webinar, no matter how good it is and how much good stuff I share.

You, like me, are busy. Time is our #1 asset.

And webinars are pretty busted these days, let's be honest

Webinars kinda suck amirite?

You and I both know that at the end of the webinar, I was going to give you the opportunity to learn the exact method, step-by-step

And you and I both know that at the end, I was going to give you a huge discount as a Traffic Badassery subscriber

That the general public won't get when I launch it out to the webinar circuit in about a month

That's what we both know.

Here's the REAL secret I'm sharing with you now:

I was about to OVERSHARE on everything

Literally walk you through the entire process, front to back on how I've been doing this

I typically charge $1,450 for this level of hands on training (bootcamps)

You've seen them all sell out before within days of me offering them

And the bootcamp attendees? They get huge results

We're talking lifechanging

But there's no reason for a webinar...

You already know if you want to see and replicate the exact method I'm doing with AI tools to go from Zero to $20k recurring per month within 100 days

So there's no reason to sit through a webinar where we both pretend we're having fun

So I'm not doing that

Here's the Important Bit:

Fifty Traffic Badassery subscribers that read this document you're reading right now will be sent access to the entire video walk-through

Of how I'm repeatedly going from Zero to $20k monthly recurring in 100 days or less in literally any niche I try this in

These 50 Traffic Badassery members (will you be one of them?) will get access for way less than $1,450...

And that access includes precise video walk-throughs that show you exactly what to do

It includes the exact cheat sheets I'm using

It includes the painstakingly detailed written guide that you can reference as you go along

It includes me teaching you the exact AI tools I'm using...AND the "secret sauce" I'm using that makes them 100x more powerful

And how we're using them a very specific way to get tangible profits

*(unlike most people that are just playing around and then calling themselves experts)

FREE lifetime updates to the guide and training (AI tools change and improve at the speed of light so I'll keep you up to speed automatically)

Everything you need to replicate literally everything I'm doing immediately.

Oh yeah, but I'm not done there...

You're also going to get community access where you can ask me literally anything

And where I'm going to have one of the smartest people I've ever met come on to show you exactly how she used the core method

To build a $36,000 per month recurring business and then sell it for $985,000

(She's doing this out of the kindness of her heart so be sure to thank her!)

You're also going to get a digital copy of the entire guide, "Zero to $20k Per Month Using AI in 100 Days"

Along with lifetime updates (like I said, this is crucial because the speed of AI development is lightning fast

And on top of all that, the entire last half will be entirely devoted to my proprietary Enhanced Traffic Portfolio

Not one, not two, not three...but SIX different traffic strategies that are working like crazy right now in 2023

And will keep working for years (no flash in the pan "loophole" silliness)

Oh, and one more thing...because I know you're a huge Badass that's ready to really rock 2023...

You also get $300 in Badassery Bucks...which you can use to purchase any of my future products with.

(yes, you read that right...that makes your entrance fee basically 100% free)

Now, this is Uber Important:

You don't have to be a techie. I literally show you how to do this by saying "Click here, click there" the entire way through

But you DO need a desire to embrace new tech and marry it with tried and true marketing methods that have worked with decades.

Like I said, I'll take this offer to the webinar circuit in about a month

Because people are clamoring for how to use AI for profits

I'll charge $1,450 for it...and sell out. You know it and I know it.

But right now, you can have complete, immediate access to everything

For a one time installment of $299. That's almost 80% off of the $1,450 everyone else will pay.

OR...Four installments of $99. That means $99 today and $99 every month for the next 3 months (but of course, you get access immediately)

And you get it over a month in advance.

So by the time they're clamoring to pay nearly $1,500 for this...

You'll have had over a month head start replicating the exact blueprint and checklist I use to go from Zero to $20k/mo with AI tools in 100 days.
WARNING: This Offer Will Never Be Offered Again After This Timer Hits Zero.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Only 50 will be allowed in. That's it. That's the line.

You know I don't play any nonsense with that stuff. I won't let 51 in. Just 50. 

That's the only way I can be completely fair. So I won't "hold a spot" for anyone. Period. Please don't even ask.

Once 50 are in, those buy links goes away...forever.

The only way to get in will be over a month from now...for $1,450...and even then, there's no guarantee because I'm limiting access due to the personal, hands-on nature I'm giving in teaching this.

When you click the button, check out, your spot will be cemented.

You'll get immediate access to it all:

  • The entire video walk throughs
  • All of the cheatsheets, checklists, and guides
  • ​The detailed this-is-working-right-now case studies
  • Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #1
  • ​Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #2
  • ​Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #3
  • ​Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #4
  • ​Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #5
  • ​Proprietary Enhanced Traffic Method #6
  • ​The full 100+ page walk through reference guide
  • ​Lifetime updates for everything
  • ​Full access to the brand new, upcoming AI community
  • ​Full email support
  • ​$300 in Badassery Bucks which pretty much makes the entire thing free*
*If choosing the split pay, all installments must be paid before Badassery Bucks can be used
Is it the biggest no brainer I've ever offered? Probably. 

Truthfully, I'd have gladly paid $20,000 to someone to teach me this stuff over the last year.

But no one else was doing with AI what I have found myself doing

So it's best for both of us that I'm a huge nerd and jumped in feet first and learned and tested and tweaked and perfected all of this stuff myself.

Remember, only 50 will get access. And this will sell out fast.

Grab your access now, Badass.

Talk soon,
WARNING: This Offer Will Never Be Offered Again After This Timer Hits Zero.
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Robert Stukes

Traffic and Automation Expert
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